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Holiday time

Since the 21st of November we closed the Restaurant to take a little break off...The Backpackers Generoso remains open and so we still have some climbers to host from time to time. The campground is peacefully on the weekends. One or two cars max and a few daily visitors come and still enjoying best conditions. More to that later on...

Monday to Friday the camp is a construction site. Local construction companies are building as much as possible before winter hits completely. Purification plant has been installed underground, concrete construction of the showers and toilets and soon the one for the new shelter are standing. The old wooden shelter has been removed to the upper parking lot, where it gives some extra comfort. We will keep you updated as much as we can. All we know is the roughly and we only hope it will be ready to use and host you from spring 2017 onward.

Due the higher comfort, higher rent and a extra tourist taxe invented, we sadly been forced to raise the prices of Bodhi Campground for 2017 to CHF 9.50/per night and person.

To get rid of the parking chaos on the campground, both parking areas are for overnight guests of Bodhi Camping only. Daily visitors can get a parking ticket for CHF 5.- per day or park somewhere further up or down the road. Please take care of not blocking any roads or properties. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

We will use our holiday time to adjust all the prices, rules and regulations etc... on the web, information boards and so on.

But no only...there is plenty of time to do what we want, like and love. One example, mentioned above already - make use of the conditions in the amazing peacefully Magic Wood. It's incredible to have the whole bouldering area mostly for yourself. Nobody around, just the sound of nature. Where are is everybody climbing? We got asked the a lot from the handful of people passing trough since November...Why is nobody using the amazing conditions? We know where you guys are cruising around through social media, but we can't explain why the hunt for the extra special conditions stopped...

Never mind, just some to mentioned, we are enjoying this time a year a lot. It gives us power and balance for the rest of it.

Now we have a couple of weeks left to relaxed and prepare. On the 26.12.2016, right after Christmas, we will reopen and start into the season 17.

Enjoy pre x-mas and the feast days.

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