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Bodhi Camping


no reservation REQUIRED

First come-first servE

You can access the camp ground 24hrs a day. Please feel free to park your car and pitch your tent. Be considerate to others and park accordingly

Camping Status

Check here to see how busy the camp site is

Plenty of Space

Oct 12, 2023


We have plenty of room don't worry about getting a spot

Please do not use a tent or other roofings on designated parking spot, and make space for others




CHF 13.50.-/€ 15.-



Kids 6-12 CHF 11.50-/€ 13

Kids - 6 are free. 



CHF 5.-/€ 5.-



Showers: CHF 1.-

4min of hot water

Please pay in advance!

You can pay the camp fee by card or cash as soon as the shop is open. If it's closed, please use the envelopes.

Park & Camp Guide

NO Camping anymore on the two parkings below the campground. It's for daily tourists only

If the campsite is occupied, please use the PARK AND SLEEP sites in the valley or other campgrounds nearby.
Please do not park in unassigned parking spaces along the side of the road.
camp parking_edited.png
Do your part
Please keep the Campground and surrounding area clean. The next guests and hikers will be happy and thankful. 

The trash needs to be separated and recycled in the provided bins. Glass, PET bottles (only bottles and no other plastic rubbish), cans/tins, cardboard, general  trash

Protecting Magic Wood

The Campground was opened by the community of Ferrera in 2003 to connect the environment with climbers in a respectable manner. Since 2009 Bodhi Climbing has been managing the campground.


We are keen to protect Magic Wood in the long term so that the future generation can also feel the magic of the forest. We are the connection between the climbing scene, our visitors and the community. To not disturb this relationship, please stick to the golden rules at Magic Wood and all climbing areas worldwide. 

Please view & download our Rules

For your Convenience
Small shop
Accepting Card, Cash & TWINT

Crash pad & climbing shoe rental at Edelweiss
Toilets and showers

Sink for dishwashing

Mobile toilet disposal

Fire pit

Cellphone charging at reception
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