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When winter comes...

...that is the big questions we climber face, when the leave are turning from green to yellow and red. It got way colder up here in the valley on 1320meters, mostly just around 0 degrees in the morning hours. The sun comes just before lunch and set at 3:30pm...a little earlier in the bouldering area. The autumn days are golden and we enjoy best climbing conditions (at least, those who came and can), on some days. The last days was pretty damp due the rain a few days ago, combined with the cold and sun during the day...not always a good combinations.

The next days or even week looks amazing. Check out the forecast here:

Bodhi Camping construction started about two weeks ago. First steps like the heating system drilling or shelter moving has been done. The community will try in coordination with the construction team to build as much as possible before winter comes. We are hoping that the inconveniences for you will be as low as possible. Sorry in advance for the noise pollution during week days. If everything runs smoothly, by the beginning of next season there should be proper toilets and showers on the campground, as well as wash basins to do your dishes.

Due the better local facilities and utilities as well as the introduction of the tourist tax in our community we will be forced to raise the prices on our accommodation services. We will work something out over the cold winter month and let you know as soon as possible.

NEW we have our Bodhi Chalet for rent. It's a fully furnished 2 1/2 room apartment for max. 4 people or extendable to 4 1/2 rooms, which offer space for max 8 people. Bodhi Chalet is situated above the Gasthaus Edelweiss, where some of you guys took regular showers during the climbing trips.

The season 2016 so far been incredible...Good vibes all around, mostly good conditions and a crowd which deserves a compliment. After 8 years of running Bodhi Camping, we see light and a structure in the chaos, and not a mess like back then.

On that part we might give a big shout out to our Team of this season. Even the preconditions didn't stand under a good star, Zsanett, Barna, George, Piano and our older daughter Bamboo give amazing efforts on the time and place needed. Some still do for the last weeks before we close the Gasthaus Edelweiss until Christmas. Thanks you all from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment and help.

The Backpackers Generoso will stay open all year around and Bodhi Camping will shut down as soon as there is too much snow to climb.

For the upcoming season 2017 we are still looking for similar characters then all the guys mentioned above. Zsanett & Barna will join as again, so you'll meet familiar faces. The rest of the team constellation are still to cast. Honestly, it's the hardest thing to find motivated and good employers now a days...So, if you think you would fit the team and can meet the challenges, feel free to send your CV to per mail to customerservice(at)

So far so good...enjoy the falling conditions, your chosen winter destination and every minute on the boulders. Stay tuned for updates and take care. We'll be back on the blog, once winter comes...there is loads to do till then. Peace

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