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7. Magic Wood Clean Up Day 2016

20. August 2016: Again almost 100 volunteers meet to the legendary annual clean up day in the morning for coffee and croissants as well as a short briefing.

After a short briefing from the IG Magic Wood the volunteers headed out to clean up all the sectors in the bouldering area and remove tickmarks. Further a team cleaned up the way along the street all the way from the old melting furnace to the entrance of the village Ausserferrera.

As a result we collected, less then in other years, but still a fair amount of trash. One gang found a whole camp, with table, pan, canned food and condiment set. The sensitization of the climbing scene seems to work out positively in the way of clean environment and shitting in the woods. Surely there are still minefields on certain places, but according to the numbers of visitors totally within bounds. Thanks at this part all visitors of Magic Wood and Bodhi Camping for the fair act and the well behavior.

As promised by meteorologists, the rain came and still people climbed or cleaned on. The camping changed in the meantime provisionally for the BBQ and upcoming party.

Exactly at 7pm the first plates with salad an meat went out to our hungry volunteers. With the nightfall the price giving was held.

A table with plenty of prices from our generous sponsors was waiting.

The upcoming concert from „She and the Junkies „ was another washout. The tourbus of the guys broke down after a short ride. Improvised with two friends who were at disposal as DJ’s the afterparty will be remembered as one of the hardest and most legendary by now.

Despite constant rain from lunch on we had a very successful day and are really looking forward to next year already.

Thanks again all volunteers and our Team for the amazing job.

Last but not least, thanks to all generous sponsors as following:

Mad Rock Europe









Vertical Life

Wild Country

Red Chilli



Mountainwilderness Schweiz

Bodhi Climbing

Gasthaus Edelweiss

Special thanks to Gebro Verlag for the support of the IG Magic Wood and the goodies. A part per sold copy of the new guidebook will go directly to the IG Magic Wood. Thanks a lot.

Photocredit: René Oberkirch & Thomas Saluz

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