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Season start 2016

Nearly middle of May already and the season is on for a while...not with a lot of people and best conditions in April, but as soon as May came, more people arrived.

The last long weekend was a blast. Perfect weather for the whole week and a lot of people pilgrim to Magic Wood. The campground was nearly fully packed.

Due an organization mistake we had only two toilets over all this days on the camp. We very sorry for that and have been a bit scared to check all around the camp for the mess of toilet papers...Yesterday we took the walk and work on us as we caused the problem. Surprisingly we couldn't find much at all. A bigger handful we picked up was all.

It was a pleasure to see, that slowly education of climbers kicking in and all this years work, blood, sweat and tears are paying off.

Thanks a lot to all the visitors for their well behavior and respect towards nature and our campground.

Now the bad weather hit us as well...we'll sit it out and are waiting for the next dry period and you guys rocking the woods.

Two things we would like to advise:

1. Please respect the private properties! We had a conversation with the landlord of the property next to Magic Wood. Please check the drawing below out of our guestbook. Thanks for your cooperation.

2. Please respect projects. If you find a fresh cleaned and maybe even chalked up boulder you can't find in the guidebook, it might be a new established line or a project. Please inform yourself first at the scene or the Gasthaus Edelweiss. Maybe we a bit old school in that case...Just thinking the person who found and cleaned the line has the right to try and send it for a certain time...

What are your thoughts on that?

And if you manage to do a first ascent, please let us know too, that we can help updating the guidebooks. Cheers.

Thomas from Bodhi Climbing projecting a new line...

Hope to see you soon, take care, crank on and keep on smiling.

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