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Luxology Model Bashing Kit For Modo phyrfla




Two of Modo®'s most powerful and versatile features - spline shading and procedural mapping - can be used with any material in this exciting new feature. New – Spline Shading Modo® users will be excited to hear that Luxology® is introducing new spline shading capability with its latest release. This new feature allows modo® users to use any of the more than 25 spline-based primitives to create organic forms. Drawn on spline paths, primitives can be flexibly converted into any geometry, including circles, polygons, conics and more. They can be nested and manipulated to define more complex forms. This means that even though splines and objects are typically non-isometric, they can be used as a basis for non-isometric geometry. The spline shading feature will be included with the release of the Luxology® version of Modo® at no additional cost. New – Procedural Mapping Users can now add procedural mapping to any material in Modo® thanks to the release of the latest version of the Luxology® suite. Procedural mapping is used to create real-time or virtual images of materials, such as automotive paint, materials used in fashion and the beauty industry, and materials in the aerospace and defense industries. The image can be manipulated by the operator at any time to achieve the desired effect. Examples of procedural mapping include: ∎ The creation of custom paint codes that define the color and finish of a particular part or substrate ∎ The creation of realistic texture maps, such as leather and metallic surfaces, to create a more realistic appearance ∎ The application of fractal patterns to add an organic feel to the material ∎ The application of material-specific effects, such as texturing and highlighting ∎ The creation of dynamic images that can be used to illustrate concepts in a class or project ∎ The creation of the appearance of a spray-applied finish, such as metallic or matte, by combining texture maps and procedural mapping ∎ The creation of a digital model that provides a rich depth of detail for virtual prototyping, such as for the CAD/CAM application for automotive components. CAD and related software companies such as PTC, Dassault, AutoDesk and others are already using procedural mapping to create realistic models of real-world objects. The Luxology® version of Modo




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Luxology Model Bashing Kit For Modo phyrfla

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